Thursday, May 26, 2011

Meaning of title song of hindi epic serial "Mahabharat"

Note: Forgive me for tyring to translate lines from mahabharat. Purpose is to help enthusiats who are not well versed in hindi or samskrit.

At very start there is BR-Films brand song (played when a man and a woman are shown standing on globe. Intrestingly enough the brand song is also from the epic Mahabharat). The Brand song starts from "Kar-man-ye-vaa-dhikar-aste...."

Meaning of Brand song [video time 00:00 to 00:22] (Language Sanskrit/samskrit ,called sankrut in some parts of India)
you have control on what you do;

not on the results (of what you do).

therefore, you should neither be someone who concentrates only on results

nor should you be the one who believes in not-doing "

Mahabharat title song is again consists of 2 parts...
first part is created by BR-Films and the second part is again from Mahabharat itself.
First part is in form of song (with music)... it starts from words "ath shri mahabharat katha..." ends with sound and video of a shell being blown.

The meaning for part 1 of the title song [ Ath sri mahabharat katha... ] (video time 1:08 to 2:10 )

Thus starts the epic story of mahabharat..

yes, the epic story of mahabharat.

This story is of human vigour,

this is also story of mean selfishness,

and story of the great virtues as well.

the story of the Partha,

whos Charioteer happened to be the sri-krishna himself.

the Story of a time

when the great words were proclaimed which shown path (to humans) ...
....the words which were truth signifying, entirely (truth signifying)...

First part ends here. a shell is being blown at this point. (video time 2:10)

meaning of second part (video time 2:17 to 3:04)(Language Sanskrit/samskrit ,called sankrut in some parts of India)
[ context: krishna (considered incarnation of God) tells Arjun...]

Whenever, in the passage of time,

righteousness is weakened.

and whenever unrighteousness is on uplift

it is then that I re-incarnate myself,
To uplift good people,

and to destroy evil from people
to re-establish righteousness i will keep re-incarnating myself in every Era(or Yuga).

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Kadek Rasmana said...

Thanks for sharing the meaning of Theme Song from Mahabharata BR Chopra. This is great song.
I am from Indonesia, I don understand in Hindi language.
Sorry for my poor english..